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I'm a certified wellbeing coach and professionally trained yoga & meditation teacher bringing together these wonderful gifts that have helped me so much over the years to share with you to help you live and feel better too.

I believe we are all born equal and deserve to live a healthy, happy life and reach their potential, and that the key to this lies within us. It is my mission to help people become more in tune with themselves to learn and understand what it is they need to do to be able to grow and thrive in all areas of life. 


Through a greater understanding of how habits, mindsets and lifestyle choices affect our wellbeing, we can make healthier decisions right now to promote positive change for both our immediate and future lives. 


Managing stress, menopausal symptoms and learning how to age well are particular areas of interest to me and with personal lived experience in these areas I have a good understanding and appreciation of the ups and downs involved! 

I offer wellbeing coaching sessions and yoga, meditation and breathwork on a 121 basis (coaching and/or yoga) and group community yoga classes. Find out more by clicking on the options below to see the services I offer. Hope to meet you soon!

Lorraine x

Hands on heart for self nurturing and connection

The journey towards wellbeing begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin your journey today.

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Rosie Freeman, self employed therapist, Female, age 44

After developing long covid [I had] a growing frustration that my health wasn’t improving and feeling at a loss how to move forward. Life is much better than it was, I am managing my energy much better and no longer stuck in a boom and bust cycle. I have been able to accept my condition more and be more realistic with my goals. My mood has improved, I feel more relaxed and calm and actually learning to enjoy a slower pace of life. I am more trusting of the process and listening more to my body. I would happily recommend Whole Self Wellbeing for anyone looking to make changes, be it lifestyle, stress reduction, managing health problems and looking to improve mental or emotional wellbeing. 

- Wellbeing coaching

Emily J

A really good teacher/class. I did 1:1 online yoga classes with Lorri for almost two years during lockdown and it really helped me. Classes are really well structured but at the same time flow naturally. I got individually tailored instruction about how to get into postures, and she was happy to work with me at my level/pace. I benefitted hugely from her classes and made good progress. Her voice is really calming and soothing as well! 😊 A highly professional yoga teacher, I really recommend her.

- Private 121 Yoga student

Clare J

Fabulous class ..highly recommend...very soothing ...felt at peace for a while afterwards.

- Yoga class student

Amber E

Excellent class for stretching and relaxation!

- Yoga class student

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