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It's your time to shine

I believe we all deserve to live a long, healthy, happy life and the key to this already lies within us. If we're feeling unbalanced, unhappy, unmotivated we've likely lost our unique key combination - but it can be found again.

Holistic life coaching helps gain the clarity, confidence and focus needed to curate a life filled with more time, energy, joy, peace and contentment - and even money.

Sound good? 

Then let's get creating together! 


Lorraine x

Hands on heart for self nurturing and connection

The journey towards wellbeing begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin your journey today.

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Rosie F

After developing long covid [I had] a growing frustration that my health wasn’t improving and feeling at a loss how to move forward. Life is much better than it was, I am managing my energy much better and no longer stuck in a boom and bust cycle. I have been able to accept my condition more and be more realistic with my goals. My mood has improved, I feel more relaxed and calm and actually learning to enjoy a slower pace of life. I am more trusting of the process and listening more to my body. I would happily recommend Whole Self Wellbeing for anyone looking to make changes, be it lifestyle, stress reduction, managing health problems and looking to improve mental or emotional wellbeing. 

- Wellbeing coaching

Emily J

A really good teacher/class. I did 1:1 online yoga classes with Lorri for almost two years during lockdown and it really helped me. Classes are really well structured but at the same time flow naturally. I got individually tailored instruction about how to get into postures, and she was happy to work with me at my level/pace. I benefitted hugely from her classes and made good progress. Her voice is really calming and soothing as well! 😊 A highly professional yoga teacher, I really recommend her.

- Private 121 Yoga student

Clare J

Fabulous class ..highly recommend...very soothing ...felt at peace for a while afterwards.

- Yoga class student

Amber E

Excellent class for stretching and relaxation!

- Yoga class student

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