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Fill Your Own Cup First

What does this mean...?

The importance of self-care to keep you feeling your best - and best serve others.

Person sat on a chair in the garden, relaxing with a book and coffee in the sunshine

Are you feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, pulled in too many directions? Can’t set aside time for yourself due to feeling guilty or just too busy?

Then you’re in need of a gentle reminder: taking time to nourish the mind, body and soul recharges, restores and re-energises you to feel your best self again. And then you’ll be able to be there more fully for others too.

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to do this.

So go right now to your diary and schedule in a chunk of Me Time! Make it a recurring entry in your schedule and a top priority. Keep topped up with smaller acts of self-care throughout the day to keep you going when you need it.

Examples: make time for plenty of quality rest, eat whole nutrient dense foods, exercise, meditate, walk in nature, sit in the morning sun, watch the sun set, chat with a good friend, enjoy a massage, journal, slow down (especially when you eat), try something new, treat yourself to a fancy dessert, volunteer, pay-it-forward, watch a feel good movie, take a bath, go for a swim, plan a trip away, learn to cook, practice yoga, dance, read a book with a cuppa….

Basically, anything that lifts your spirits, relaxes your body, expands or calms the mind - and doesn’t come with any downsides (hangovers, debt, more stress etc).

What are your self-care rituals and hacks that fill your cup?

Welcome to share any I’ve not mentioned above, the more the merrier!

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