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What is Wellbeing Coaching?

“I’ll be happy if / when ….”

How many times have you spoken those words, either out aloud or quietly to yourself..? Yes, me too! And this is probably a good key indicator that wellbeing coaching could be helpful to you.

You see, life is hard, that is for sure and we often find ourselves struggling at some point. It might be trying to manage all the demands and responsibilities of daily life or simply feeling as though life just isn’t quite going the way we’d hoped. We feel defeated, stressed, frustrated and running on empty. Our health may be hindering our enjoyment of life. Or we might not even be able to put our finger on what is ‘wrong’.

So we try changing things up in hope that we will then feel better, that everything will fall into place. But even making big changes, like switching jobs or moving home - or ending a relationship - doesn’t always improve things. After the initial novelty of change wears off, we find ourselves feeling the same way again or facing similar issues.

Why is this? What is going on?!

Well oftentimes we think it is the external things that are ‘wrong’, not working or not bringing us happiness, when it could in fact be the way we are feeling about ourselves, our outlook on life and the way we interact with others leading to problems. If this is happening, changing the external things up won’t necessarily work in the long run - sometimes not even in the short term! We’ll keep changing, and running, and complaining but nothing changes, we still feel the same way.

And this is where wellbeing coaching comes in, to help unpick, unravel, smooth out and forge the right path ahead to get you where you want to be. It helps identify and solidify what works for you and what doesn’t, and where/how certain things that are in your control (be it your mindset, habits, focus etc) are either helping you or hindering you on your way.

You won’t be told what you can and can’t eat or to join a gym or make major changes in your life that you’re not prepared to do. You’ll only be doing what you feel is right for you. But the beauty with coaching is that you’ll have someone to cheer you along the way as well as hold you accountable for any actions goals that were agreed upon and set – which helps you stay motivated and make the progress you want to see!

Sometimes it is merely our perception or reactions to life’s situations and circumstances that is getting in the way. And this is something we can change without having to make big changes externally. As a wise, dear friend once pointed out to me in my troubled moments “change your thoughts and change your world.” Very true and very powerful.

I offer programmes of coaching sessions so that we can approach it like a project with a defined start, middle and end, whilst monitoring progress along the way to ensure you get the most out of this wonderful investment you’ve made in yourself.

Sound good? Head over to the wellbeing coaching programmes page for more info. I offer a a FREE 20 minutes no-obligations Discovery Call where we can discuss what you’re looking for, what I offer, and see if we would be a good match to help you create the life you’re dreaming of.

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