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Based in Berkshire, UK, I'm currently offering the following services locally and online globally
as 121s, to groups and in workplaces:

Wellbeing Life Coaching 121s

to help you unlock your full potential and live a more joyful, fulfilling life

Yoga - Private 121s

to strengthen and soothe the mind, body and spirit

Yoga - Group Classes

enjoy the energy of practicing together!

Workplace Wellbeing 

to help improve the wellbeing of your much valued staff


Wellbeing Life Coaching

To help unlock your full potential and live a more joyful, healthy, fulfilling life

Private 121 Wellbeing Coaching Programme

From £60/1hr session (depending on length of programme and quantity of sessions) 

You might be wondering what wellbeing coaching even is...

Similar to life coaching, wellbeing coaching looks at improving your overall health and happiness to improve all areas of your life. This might be by bringing more joy into your life, improving communication with others, reducing stress, losing weight, getting fit and switching into a healthier mindset that helps you make healthier choices that keep you on the right path to a happier, healthier you: mind, body and soul. There will be a lot of effort required, sheer determination to form new healthier/helpful habits and the willingness to perhaps lose some of the less helpful/healthy behaviours in the process.


My focus is mainly on working with women over 30 who are facing changes in their lives such as the Plan B life (whether childless by choice or not), changes to their bodies and other effects from the symptoms of peri/menopause, and those who have ‘lost’ themselves for various reasons along the way and want to find their way back to themselves. I also work with anyone facing work-related stress and physical discomfort.  


Whilst the focus will be on coaching, there will also be, where appropriate guidance on meditation/relaxation practices, stretching/yoga and breathwork to help release tension, feel good in your body and strengthen the mind-body link.


They say it takes roughly 66 days for new habits to become the norm, especially if you’re replacing pleasurable (but not so helpful/healthy) habits and routines with newer healthier ones that take work to adjust to. So a 12 week programme would be ideal however it very much depends on what your desired goal and required results are, it could be much quicker or may need longer.


If interested or want to know more, get in touch to arrange a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss your needs, what I can offer, and see if we’d be a good match to get you to your desired results!

Stones of meaning - success, love, faith, vision, wellbeing coaching

Yoga, Meditation & Breath-work 

For stretching, expanding, challenging and soothing the mind and body

Private 121 Sessions 


Online / In Person (within 5 miles of Bracknell) £50ph

​Enjoy tailor-made sessions that can include yoga asana (postures), meditation and breath-work (Pranayama)

to your preference. Practice in the privacy of your own space and receive guidance relevant to your personal

needs and goals and at a pace suited to you.

NB Additional charges may be added to cover mileage/travel time if travelling further afield. 

Prices are for one student, please get in touch if you'd like couples/2x friends sessions for a good rate. 

​Sound good? Get in touch here​!

Woman practicing a soothing yoga pose

Group Yoga Classes


Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm

at The Parks Community Centre, 8-10 Nicholson Park, Bracknell RG12 9QN (open map)

£10 drop in (cash)

Beginners and experienced are welcome to this friendly Hatha Yoga class where we will practice yoga asanas (postures), simple yet effective breathing exercises (Pranayama) and calming meditation/relaxation - all to stretch, expand, challenge and soothe our bodies and minds. Alternatives will be given wherever possible and you'll be encouraged to go at your own pace and listen to what feels good for your body including resting when needed.

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and bring your own mat (plus any props you like to use).

Also bring warm layers or a blanket to cover up during relaxation, especially if you tend to feel the cold. 

Please note that this class is will only run until the end of June 2023

unless there is enough demand to keep running through the summer

So please come along to avoid missing out! 

Please get in touch to let me know you're coming beforehand to avoid disappointment.​

Call/WhatsApp me on 07999761843 or email at info@wholeselfwellbeing

Yoga pratice - reverse prayer hands

Workplace Workshops / Sessions

Keeping your important workforce healthy, happy and productive

Wellbeing Workshops - from £150 (price TBA)

Yoga, Meditation & Breath-work packages - from £360 for a 6-week course of 1hr sessions (prices TBA)


Ideal for improving wellbeing, communication and productivity within your organisationAs you are probably aware, the most important part in the success of your organisation is the staff you employ - and keeping them happy, healthy (and productive) will be key to this! 

With over two decades of working in a variety of office roles within a wide range of industries from small family-run enterprises to huge organisations the environment and needs of your workplace will most likely be familiar to me. I have also experienced and witnessed the side effects of workplace-related issues such as stress and poor communication and am now in a position to help staff learn simple easy techniques to increase their wellbeing through movement, breathing exercises and relaxation. These have been proven to help increase productivity, motivation, communication thus reducing sick days and improved staff retention. 

Wellbeing workshops can cover a range of topics with simple (and fun!) exercises that include: mindfulness, breathing exercises, stress release and management, positive mindset and communication, improved motivation and productivity, resolving conflict, posture awareness, stretching exercises - and anything else you feel would benefit your team. The yoga programmes can include a mix and match of yoga asana (postures/stretching), breath-work and meditation/relaxation to suit your needs. 

Sessions to be conducted online or in person if within the Berkshire and surrounding areas.

If interested, please register here​ to set up a FREE Discovery Call or to get in touch with any queries. 

Disclaimer: whilst my aims and wishes are of course for you to succeed, the level of success will largely depend on the effort, time and commitment you put in to the process. I cannot guarantee success - partially as it will be you doing the work, which I cannot control, and also external factors can often hinder our best laid plans. I will however do whatever I can to keep you focused, motivated and on track to meet your goals and reach that happy outcome. I will also only make recommendations based within my scope of skills and experience and particularly with regards to yoga, that which I think is suitable for you to keep you practicing safely whilst still progressing. 

Bacalar, Mexico
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NB Your email address will be added to the mail list which you can opt out of at any time. The Discovery Call and initial discussions are completely free of charge and come with no obligations to sign up. 


Thanks for contacting us!

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