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We believe that sharing is caring, which is why we offer free gifts to support your wellbeing journey. Yoga and coaching aim to inspire and provide practical resources to assist your self-care practice. Try some of the free gifts left below to help you discover the beauty and peace within yourself through our yoga nidra, meditations, and other supportive resources.

Yoga Nidra for CreativityWhole Self Wellbeing
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Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a very easy and accessible yogic meditation that guides you to fully relax into a state of consciousness between sleeping and waking. Calms your nervous system, promotes quality sleep and improves overall wellbeing. Get comfy and play the audio file on the image for a Yoga Nidra practice focusing on deep rest and enhancing your creativity.


Bed Yoga

For days when getting up is just too much or you need to start very gently before getting out of bed. Also great for winding down at the end of the day ready for a good night's sleep.

More to follow soon... 

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