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Yoga, Meditation & Breath-work 

Gently stretching, challenging and soothing the mind, body and soul

  Private 121 Yoga  


Online / In Person 50ph

​Enjoy tailor-made sessions that can include yoga asana (postures), meditation and breath-work (Pranayama)

to your preference. Practice in the privacy of your own space and receive guidance relevant to your personal

needs and goals, at a pace suited to you. 

Looking for yoga in Bracknell or Berkshire? I can come to you! Additional charges may be added to cover mileage/travel time if travelling further than 5 miles from central Bracknell. 

Prices are per person - please get in touch if you'd like couples/2x friends or small group sessions for a good rate. 

Email me or call/text/WhatsApp on 0799 9761 843. 

Want to sample first? Then head over to my Freebie Page for a grounding, calming Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep/meditation)

which is also fab for expanding creative thinking. Or maybe you fancy some some gentle, soothing yoga?  This one is

practiced 100% lying down, so can be done in bed to wind down before sleep or to help

ease into the day. Hope you enjoy!   

T&Cs for sessions:

Payment in full in advance to book the session.

Cancellations/reschedule requests with less than 48hrs notice are not refundable.

Exceptions to the above at Teacher's discretion.

Soothing yoga pose. Photo by Tammy Jaqueline Photography
Reverse Prayer pose. Photo by Tammy Jaqueline Photography

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Thank you for contacting us - we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Disclaimer: whilst my aims and wishes are of course for you to succeed, the level of success will largely depend on the effort, time and commitment you put in to the process. I cannot guarantee success - partially as it will be you doing the work, which I cannot control, and also external factors can often hinder our best laid plans. I will however do whatever I can to keep you focused, motivated and on track to meet your goals and reach that happy outcome. I will also only make recommendations based within my scope of skills and experience and particularly with regards to yoga, that which I think is suitable for you to keep you practicing safely whilst still progressing. 

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