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Wellbeing Life Coaching

Unlock your full potential and live a more joyful, healthy, fulfilling life

Wellbeing coaching helps you to identify what issues are currently preventing you from feeling and being the best version of yourself. Through understanding both your current circumstances and where you’d like to be, we define the results you are committed to achieving and create a plan which is both workable and enjoyable - so you're more likely to stick with it. 


The key areas that influence our wellbeing are: career/vocation, finances, community and environment, spirituality and our physical, emotional and mental states. It could be big changes or small actions that lead to great improvements. You may be looking to:

Feel good in your body

Find contentment with your life - often without major changes

Feel confident making decisions

Implement methods to get (and stay) motivated to achieve your goals

Identify and embody your true authentic self / reclaim yourself again

Feel empowered and in control of your life and your health

Increase your energy levels, reduce stress, sleep well, think clearly

Learn how to live a good quality, healthy life, well into elder years


My wish is for you to reconnect with yourself and feel empowered to thrive! Whilst the focus will be mainly on coaching principles we can also bring in some yoga/meditation/breath-work practices to assist you on your journey, if appropriate and welcomed.


    Private 121 Coaching    

They say it takes roughly 66 days for new habits to become the norm, so I recommend a 12-week programme with around 6 sessions however it very much depends on your desired goal/s and required results. We can discuss and firm up a plan for you to consider during a Discovery Call, before committing to anything, so you can be certain before investing your time, energy and money to the process. 

Private 121s (online) are from £60/hr and include a session summary emailed to you within 48hrs for you to read and digest in your own time. Prices are dependent on number of sessions booked. My new 12-week programme includes 6x 1hr sessions and is currently on special offer for January 2024 starts (see below). 

If interested, let's get the ball rolling! Drop me a line to arrange a FREE non-obligatory 15 minute Discovery Call. 

My contact details are below or you can fill in this form to register your interest. 

Mobile: 07999761843 Email:

Stones of meaning - success, love, faith, vision, wellbeing coaching


Sign up for my 12-week Coaching Program to start in January 2024 and receive 6x 1hr sessions at the reduced price of £300!

(normally £360!)

Hurry - offer ends 31st December 2023 and places are limited!

Get in touch now to book your space

Portrait of Lorraine, Whole Self Wellbeing Coach
Group Wellbeing Course

 ** NEW **

 Group Wellbeing Coaching Course 

Starting January 2024! I'm pleased to be launching a 5-week Group Wellbeing Coaching course to offer a more affordable way of accessing wellbeing coaching where you can learn the tips and tricks to take back control over your life and improve overall wellbeing. You'll also benefit from joining a supportive community where you can share and learn from one another. 


Topics will include:

  • Decluttering (mind & environment)

  • Habits and routines

  • Discovering your authentic self & deeply held dreams

  • Unlocking and removing blocks

  • Setting realistic goals and carving your personal path to thriving in life

First course starts Wednesday 10th January 2024, 7-8pm. 

Limited spaces, so book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a special Christmas present!

Feel free to get in touch with any queries. 


Sign up by 31st December 2023 to book your space at the introductory rate of £75!

(Normally £125!)

Hurry - offer ends 31st December 2023 and places are limited!

Get in touch now to book your space

Worplace Wellbeing

  Workplace workshops and courses   


I also offer workplace wellbeing workshops and block courses of yoga/breath-work/meditation. These can be invaluable practices to help keep your wonderful staff stress-free, healthy and productive. Studies have shown a regular yoga practice help reduce the number of sick days and improves communication and team building. 

If interested or want to know more, get in touch to arrange a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss your needs, what I can offer, and see if we’d be a good match to get you to your desired results! Welcome to call or email me, or fill in the form further down.

Mobile: 07999761843


Find out more about Yoga / Breath-work / Meditation here

Disclaimer: whilst my aims and wishes are of course for you to succeed, the level of success will largely depend on the effort, time and commitment you put in to the process. I cannot guarantee success - partially as it will be you doing the work, which I cannot control, and also external factors can often hinder our best laid plans. I will however do whatever I can to keep you focused, motivated and on track to meet your goals and reach that happy outcome. I will also only make recommendations based within my scope of skills and experience and particularly with regards to yoga, that which I think is suitable for you to keep you practicing safely whilst still progressing. 

Bacalar, Mexico
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